AngularJS $http service with WordPress

Some time ago I needed to create a branch of feature rich WordPress plugins for client’s specific needs.  I like AngularJS for its structured and concise nature, decided to use it in these projects.  I’ve written a part of client side logic then I realized that I can’t trigger wp_ajax_ hooks via Angular’s $http service as with jQuery ajax methods.

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WordPress VanillaForums integration plugin improved

Hi everyone! Today We’ll discuss VanillaForums integration plugin with WordPress. And I’ll explain solutions for problems we were facing integrating WordPress with VanillaForums. The result as improved plugin you can download from here.

Out of the box it provides us VanillaForums powered comments for posts, and cool Single Sign On (SSO) feature which means your users can login on your wordpress website and whenever they go to your community provided by VanillaForums they will be logged in there with a same account.

For example we’ve used this SSO feature for one project where we’ve set up vanilla community to register only through SSO, so our users will be registered on our main WordPress based website first and then this account information used for vanilla accounts on a community.

All was fine except logic of creation of users on vanilla’s side.

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