Laravel 5.3 Elixir nghtml2js extenstion with watcher

Today I’ll share experience of creating custom extension for Elixir gulp based build system on Laravel 5.3

There are countless ways of gulp usage, Elixir is built to simplify common gulp tasks implementation.  If you develop AngularJs  powered application you’ll definitelly will wan’t to complile your directives/components templates into Angular module and minify it to preload them to template cache.

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AngularJS $http service with WordPress

Some time ago I needed to create a branch of feature rich WordPress plugins for client’s specific needs.  I like AngularJS for its structured and concise nature, decided to use it in these projects.  I’ve written a part of client side logic then I realized that I can’t trigger wp_ajax_ hooks via Angular’s $http service as with jQuery ajax methods.

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